Merged Or Separate?


Seem to recall hearing some advice from the eminent TV doctor, Dr. Phil, for married couples to keep their finances separate. Okay.

But what about the shared goals? Buying a house? Buying a car? Making babies? Well, yes, that may be a different subject altogether but if you think those babies are completely priceless, call your local OB/GYN and women?s center and find out just how much money they will cost you just to have them and then afterwards, you will also have food, clothing, college funds and more, more, more. Babies may be priceless but they are also expensive.

And what about if one partner is a spendthrift and the other a penny-pincher? What about those types of shared values?

Read ?Keeping Finances Separate Can Be Costly? for the opposite view of Dr. Phil.

When it comes to relationships and marriage it probably isn?t about the money at all but rather about the communications between the team.