Manage your Dreams with even Small Budget

Dream on small budget

Dream on small budget

Yes! You have read it right! You can be one of those lucky and happy persons who are able to live as per their dreams and with your own small or large budget. Living according to your dreams is not any difficult thing to do but is a matter of choices, a pinch of management and common sense. But it is often very late that people realise that they can accomplish their dreams with their small budget. Then, how to re-start? Not a thing to worry as at least you can pass on this little awareness wherever you go and sit proudly to have done that.

It is important to know how you manage your funds, income, expenditure, savings in life. So lets get to few tips which can let you achieve your dream with whatever small budget you have.

  1. Begin early: this would be in any case a highly suggested option to begin early. The ones who begin early have a lot of scope before they actually experience the joy of actuating their dreams. And also there are good and bad experiences along the way which teach you and test you. So you should begin whenever you reach your secondary school level or atleast while starting your journey of graduation. At this tender age may be you may be unaware of the options out there but you will start resisting unnecessary spending and the idea of saving.
  2. Know your wealth and plan well: this is the basic step to managing your dreams. You need to be aware of the amount of funds you have in totality. So listing down and sitting with pen and paper is a good option as even though there are a lot of applications and software doing things for you but when you write by yourself, many things follow. Make a list of your dreams, their estimated cost and their priority.
  3. Search extensively: Once the goals, the cost and their order are clear, then you must search, talk to people, watch videos, read articles on how other people thought of accomplishing them. This way you could get ideas to accomplish it in a much frugal and cheaper way. Ultimately it is the experience of having accomplished a dream and not in how much less money you did it. The best option for this search could be newspapers, relatives and other authentic sources only.
  4. Wealth creation: when your first dream is accomplished, make it a habit to divide your income into 40:30:30 % ratio. Plan your dreams and give 40% of your budget in accomplishing them, give 30% as a saving and buffer amount and the last 30% in something that will give returns. You may put in a bank account or invest in some shares or mutual funds. These may seem bigger options but are surely worth. And if the amount is too low, then you can add it to your parent?s account and get the returns as per the math.
  5. Consult your parents: They may doubt the source of income, the expenditure but will definitely support you when they are ensured that it is for your realistic and sensible dreams. This could help as they might have been investing in some or the other options in which you could also contribute. Ultimately it narrows down to your dreams and managing your funds.

Happy managing!


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