Making Money In High School


Making Money In High SchoolWhen I was in high school, I was always doing something to make money. In my freshman and sophomore years, I was a nanny for a neighbor baby, and in my junior and senior years I worked at a retail store.

My weekly hours were usually anywhere from 25 hours a week to over 40 hours (that was usually only in the summer months), and I actually enjoyed it.

I made great friends that are still with me today because of the job that I help in high school, and I also made a decent amount of money.

I still did fairly well in high school as well – I graduated with honors and I still took part in sports and other extracurricular activities. I definitely didn’t save everything that I made in high school, but I did have a good time!

Below are different ways for you to make money while in high school.


Sell items.

The other day I saw a high school sophomore who had her own Etsy business. She had thousands on followers on her various social media accounts and I could just tell that customers really liked her products.

This is just proof that you could start your own business in high school and have it be a successful one.

Start a blog.

My favorite teen website is TeenGotCents. This website is a great website for young adults looking to learn more about personal finance. Starting a blog can be great because it can lead to other doors being opened for you.

If you are looking to start a blog, I always say you should start your blog on WordPress. Check out Michelle’s article How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost.

Get a part-time job.

There are many, many part-time jobs out there that you could possibly apply and get hired for. Most probably won’t pay the greatest, but they could give you valuable work experience and/or even have some awesome work benefits (such as an employee discount!).

Here are some part-time job options.

  1. Lifeguard.
  2. Retail store.
  3. Delivery driver.
  4. Restaurant.
  5. Ice cream stand.
  6. Mall kiosk.
  7. Car washer.
  8. Salon/spa front desk.


Become a nanny.

If you have watched kids before and know how to act/react in situations with children, then becoming a nanny or other childcare provider may be a job that you are interested in. You can make decent money doing this, and this may be a good job for you while you are in college as well.


Are you good enough at a subject to a point where you could teach someone else? Maybe it is Math, Science, English, Public Speaking, Finance, a certain language, an instrument or even the SATs or ACTs. Whatever it is, you may be able to sign up for an after school program to tutor someone in a skill that you have.

How did you make money when you were in high school?



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