Maintaining Your Good Credit


If you have repaired your credit or even if you have always had good credit you still need to be diligent about maintaining your good credit. There are some things that you may want to implement to help you.

? Use your credit wisely. Never make impulse purchases with credit. And put your credit cards away. Honestly, there really is not much worse than paying 18% on your favorite latte, regardless of how delicious it may have been. Be disciplined enough to know where you are using credit and only use it as necessary.
? Make a budget. Living within your means is easier when you are completely aware of what your means are.
? Set up automated payments. That way if something comes up, your bills still get paid no matter what. It?s easy. Most banks provide this service and even if they charge a fee, it is probably less than a late fee and it will help you maintain your good credit even if you are too busy.