Little-Known Ways to Get Free Gas in 2019

free gas

Why pay full price for gas when you can get it for free? Yes, you heard it right. I am not talking about discount coupons or other hacks. You can fill up your gas tank once or twice a month without paying a penny.

Purchasing gas for your car is no different than shopping for groceries or clothes. If you can occasionally get free food and clothes then why not gas for your car?

Here are a few legitimate ways you can get free gas for your car in 2019.

1. Get free gas cards with Swagbucks

If a promise of free gas after completion of a survey or some random form annoys you? I would like to tell you that, you are not alone. There are many phone apps out there who promise big things and deliver nothing. Either the tasks they ask you to perform are too tough or it is a straight-up scam. But Swagbucks is legit and not like others.

With Swagbucks, you can earn points for watching videos, shopping online, taking fun surveys. Either redeem the points(in cash) or use free gas cards to get free gas at your nearest gas station, next time you’re about to run out of it.

2. Carpooling

This is another smart way to get free gas each time you run out of it. Carpooling is sharing your car so that others(without a car or in need of a lift) can benefit from it. You can download a carpooling app like BlaBlaCar and help 2-3 commuters reach their destination for a nominal charge. Use this money at the gas station.

3. Use Rewards Credit Cards to get free Gas

You will be pleased to know that there are specific credit cards for people who buy gas frequently. Like everything else you purchase with a credit card, you can now get rewarded for buying gas too.

The only condition here is you have to purchase gas from specific gas stations only. The ones who have an affiliation with the credit card company you buy the gas credit card from.

4. Put a Sticker on your Car

car sticker

This might sound strange but if maintaining a certain public image is not a concern for you, you can put ads on your car and get paid every month. Companies like MyFreeGas offer free gas coupons to drive around 300km per month with a sticker on your car.

Does that sound enticing to you? If the answer is yes then you should sign up on their website. I can understand if this might seem weird to you as some people love their car too much and wouldn’t want to put a sticker on it to get free gas.


The US Energy Information Administration concluded that American citizens consume a whopping 391.40 million gallons per day. This higher than any other country on the planet.

Just imagine the money you can save for yourself by getting free gas once or twice a month. It is estimated that you can save more than $800 a year by getting free gas once in a while. So why not do it?


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