Top 4 Lift Trucks for Your Construction Business



When you are in the construction game, you are going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting. Unless you want to look like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, employing a few thousand people to lift all of that material for you, you are going to want to look into getting a lift truck or a fleet of them to help you out in your endeavors.

Choosing a proper lift truck depends on what you will be lifting. For example, you won?t need to bother getting a high powered truck if all you are going to be lifting is bags of cement. Choose the trucks that suit the jobs you will be doing, and you should be good to go! Here are the 4 best trucks for you:

  1. Hand Pallet truck ? this is a hand operated hydraulic forklift that is used to lift loads that aren?t too heavy. Perfect for use in small housing construction and other low-weight activities.
  2. Walkie Pallet truck ? the electric version of the hand pallet truck; the lifting mechanism is electric for higher lifting power. This is good for mid-range construction options, but is a little pricier.
  3. Electric Forklift ? Electric powered rideable pallet truck that is perfect for loading operations which involve a high output manufacturing operation such as a soft drink maker.
  4. Reach Truck ? Designed for small aisles and navigation within them. Forks can be extended to reach a load that is too far away to go to.

Getting a lift truck for construction is one of the better choices that you can make for your business. Try to keep the costs low by doing your research and choosing the right one based on your needs.


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