Lexington Law

If you have credit issues, you need to be aware that you have the right to take steps to repair your credit. In fact the FCRA, or the Federal Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to dispute erroneous, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading credit and Lexington credit repair can help you.

Credit repair is something that you can do on your own. You do not necessarily need the help of a professional. However, many of us have busy lives. We have jobs and families and given a choice most of us would spend our limited down time doing something relaxing, fun or pleasurable rather than spending it by writing letters to credit bureaus and creditors in an attempt to repair our credit. In short, while there are many things that we can do ourselves but often it is just easier, more effective and a smarter decision to engage the help of a professional. Credit repair fits into that category. It takes knowledge, perseverance and experience to get results with credit repair so why not save yourself the trouble and hire a professional?

As you are looking around you may see that there are numerous credit repair solutions out there. Here at 724credit we have researched many of them and the best we have found is Lexington Credit Repair.

Lexington Law is not just an online credit repair shop but an actual general service consumer advocacy law firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lexington Law employs 22 attorneys over 16 states along with over 400 paralegals and agents.

Lexington Law has been in the business of repairing credit since 1991. In that time they have served over 500,000 clients resulting in millions of negative credit removals and substantial increases in credit scores. Lexington Law has the experience and expertise to get results for you. Using time-tested innovative dispute methodologies and creditor interventions they are able to leverage your consumer rights established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other pertinent laws. You can be assured that you will receive the highest level of service.

Lexington Law provides a valuable service at an affordable price and all service are backed by a refund policy if they fail to perform the agreed-upon services as determined by your selected service level. While credit repair results may take some time, Lexington Law will do the work it takes and persevere with your case until your expectations are met.