Learn To Say No To Yourself


We are broken eggs running in a race without even knowing why we are running, clawing to materialism. We are aimlessly wasting our time, trying to achieve far-fetched ambitions without any real zeal and passion.

Don?t keep wearing high heels even if they hurt your feet; don?t keep smoking if you wake up disgusted with the smell the next morning; don?t keep wasting your time on the couch watching useless television, only to complain about it later; start putting up some necessary personal limitations. Fight the impulse, the urge to do something you know you would regret later. Analyze the situation carefully, instead of doing something you think you feel uncomfortable about later.

The most common situation we come across in our daily lives is when we go shopping. What do you really need and what do you want? Does the value of the product to decrease with time? Is the price of the product way too much than its actual worth? How much would really use the product? Note down your priorities and say no to unnecessary expenses. Stop purchasing things you can?t afford.

Sometimes you do certain things to hide your true feelings, or because you are trying to deny the reality. You may start eat more or drinking in excess trying to cover hurt. Or maybe you tend to start working overtime to keep yourself from thinking about some incident or person. Whatever the real problem is, get to the root of it. Accept the reality, take responsibility for behavior and actions, find a solution, deal with it and move on.

Instead of wearing tight-fitted dresses, go for clothes you actually like and are comfortable in. You don?t have to impress anyone but yourself. Instead of drinking alcohol, go out for a long walk. Freshen up your mind. Instead of sitting in the couch all day, go for a long drive or sit in the garden for a while. Enjoy the sun. Instead of eating every time you feel bored, adopt a hobby. Do something in your spare time. Figure out what makes you feel balanced.

Some of us live in excess or even if we don?t we mismanage our time and resources. Sometimes you need to say ?NO? to live up to your principles. It may be as simple as cancelling on a trip with your friends to visit your grandmother or as big as making an important moral decision related to work. Do you want to give into the cravings or take a stand for yourself and stick to your values? How strong is your will power? What kind of person are you and what kind of person do you see yourself growing up to?

You have to learn to say no to yourself at times. Don?t feel sad. Don?t feel you are missing out opportunities or fun. Sometimes you have to set certain boundaries for yourself in order to grow.


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