Last Minute Shopping? Give the Best Gift Of The Season


In this time of frugality, gift cards have become the most popular gift of the holiday season. If you follow the logic of ?Scroogenomics? then it only makes sense to give something that they can actually choose themselves. The Scrooge theory is that most recipients do not particularly like the gifts that others choose for them and that the money is better spent by giving them a gift card where they can choose or cold, hard cash, the Universally loved gift (don?t most people love cash?)

And if you have waited for the last minute a gift card is perfect. They are still accessible nearly everywhere, they don?t run out of stock, they?re easy, stress-free and??the person you are buying for can choose what they really want.

Gift cards are the best gift of the season (especially at this late date!)

Check out the History of Gift Cards.


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