It?s Labor Day?What Kind Of Capitalism Do You Support?


Today is Labor Day and unfortunately this year many American?s are without a job. Unemployment is at record levels and the economy is in the tank, so to speak.

It is reminiscent of the times of FDR and the Great Depression. At that time FDR worked to help all American?s by implementing such things as Medicare, unemployment benefits and more.

And his critics called him a ?Socialist?. Hmm, that word sounds very familiar if you ever read the comments on any political story and if you ever listen to the hat..?.oh, I mean if you ever listen to ?.anyway, you?ve heard that word recently unless you have been living under a rock somewhere in Arizona.

However, now with a few notable exceptions, (certain Senate candidates from ….and from….come to mind) most of these programs are thought to be useful and most people want these programs.

It can also be argued that FDR actually rescued Capitalism rather than implemented Socialism, by making Capitalism more responsible.

And Capitalism should be responsible.

Forget the Republican?s and Democrat?s.

It is well-known that the one party favors ?free market capitalism? with few rules and regulations while the other favors a responsible capitalism that provides regulations that make it wrong to drill for oil miles and miles below the ocean with no backup plan in case of catastrophe when something goes wrong. Sorry, in no way should it ever be okay to dump over 210000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. And no, they had no plan for the worst and when the worst happened everyone suffered.

Anyway, enough…….

There is a very interesting article about this very thing in the Huffington Post.
Bottom line is if and when everyone can get back to work, the economy can come back…..