Insuring the Beat: Life Insurance for Police Officers


It?s no secret that a police officer has a dangerous job. Roaming the streets late at night actively seeking out the seamy underbelly of a given city doesn?t exactly extend your life, but these are the risks police officers take every time they put on the uniform. However, an entirely different concern arises when you consider that without those crisply pressed slacks, police officers are regular people with families that would be devastated by their loss.

While many police officers have excellent benefits including some level of life insurance, it typically only provides a year?s salary in the event of the officer?s death, which is not nearly enough to maintain a family?s standard of living with the loss of the primary income. Most people in a similar position would take out life insurance to provide for their families in case they no longer could, but with armed criminals and the scum of society a constant threat to police safety, is it possible for them to even obtain a policy?

Fortunately, many providers are willing to offer policies to police. They have the same life insurance options as anyone else, and provided their health and medical records are acceptable, they should have little trouble qualifying for a policy.

The most popular option for police officers is term life insurance, which provides coverage for a predetermined period, most often matched to the years an officer has until retirement. This allows an officer to avoid the expense of a whole life policy in such an unpredictable occupation while providing complete protection as long as he stays on the force.

Different providers also have varying views of police work. Each provider has its own evaluation system, and being shot at occasionally is less of a big deal as some companies than others. A company who has a good history of officers living to retirement is likely to be more receptive to future police applicants than companies that do not.

Insurance providers make a business out of assessing risks, and so they are very familiar with dangerous jobs of all kinds. At first glance, a police officer may seem like the one of the last people you would bet on staying safe at work, but if insurance companies can provide policies for miners and pilots, they can come up with a policy for practically anyone who spends most of their time at ground level.

Of course, the provider will take the dangerous nature of the job into account so it?ll be more expensive than a librarian?s life insurance, but many officers are able to find affordable life insurance options to protect their families as well as they protect their neighborhoods.


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