Innovative Team Building Ideas For Your Business


Why do I need Team Building

Team building is an important part of any modern business. In order to have a successful, productive business you must have a well operating team. Use of team building will help you improve in many aspects. It reflects on the relationships between your employees, makes them work better together on joint projects, they become more open to suggestions, come up with better ideas and generally feel better about themselves. And that is the key thing! A happy employee will always be a good employee.

So here are some simple, yet interesting team building techniques you can use.


An old classic, this team building activity is very popular around the world. Although many people believe that your success in this game depends on your physical ability, they couldn?t be further from the truth. This game relies solely on planning, team work and strategy. It makes the participants work together, come up with plans and devise quick solutions in order to defeat the opposing team. All of this makes it a great team building exercise. Put your employees in different positions; switch the rules of the game. There are variations to the game, like Capture the flag and Siege the fort and they all show different results. After a day of adrenaline rushed action, your employees will create a stronger bond and show new results.


Believe it or not, poker proved to be an excellent team building technique. It is very simple to realize and provides great results. Even though poker seems like an introverted game, it turns out to be a great social experience. Your employees will play, chat, dare each other and develop a bond in the meantime.

Not all of your employees will be on the same level of playing, but helping out a first timer will build trust amongst them. It is an excellent morale booster as well; when an employee who hasn?t played before walks out with a winning, they won?t be able to take the smile of their face. There are many more benefits of poker that your company could use. So deal the cards and have fun.

Humans Vs Zombies

This is a gem I ran into recently. Having in mind the huge popularity zombies have recently, I am not surprised. This activity has your employees divided into two teams. The human team must defend themselves and defeat zombies, while the zombie team has the task of ?infecting? all the humans.

When a human player is tagged, he joins the zombies. The ?survival? factor in this game builds great connections between players and deletes all boundaries by making them equal while struggling for survival. Zombie players need to work together in order to ?eat? all the humans and achieve their goal.

This is a great game for removing social boundaries, because, as the creators of the game say: Zombies don?t discriminate by race, gender, or sexual preference/identity ? they will eat you unless you work together. Check out this funny video to learn more about it.

Team building is a needed tool in the corporate world. It is recognized and used by some of the greatest companies in the world. Use these ideas to turn your company into a profitable, successful business.

Make your office a place where your employees will work with a smile because that is the road to true success.


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