Increase Office Productivity With These Changes

Group of business people working at office

Having talented and driven employees is a good step towards having a productive workforce. However, it is possible to increase that productivity even more with a few physical changes in their environment. Here are a few tips for creating a work space that cultivates more focus, positive energy and motivation. ?


Break down the walls and allow creativity to flow through the building. Closed-off little cubicles result in a sense of isolationism. Removing physical barriers allows the exchange of ideas and helps co-workers form stronger bonds with one another. Employees who feel they have are personally vested in a company are more likely to go the extra mile and less likely to leave. If you need to zone areas, whether for privacy or other reasons, consider doing so with a build-up of glass partitions that can create the illusion of an open concept. Utilizing glass for walls and doors can make offices of upper level employees seem more inviting and allow a better flow of light for a naturally brighter space. For rooms that only need to be closed on occasion, invest in a sliding glass door that can be left open when not in use.


If you?re good with your employees maintaining a gloomy disposition, dragging slowly from hour to hour, and dreading the moment that signifies the beginning of another workday, then go ahead and stick to the traditional beige, gray and white office palette. For a more calming environment, consider blue tones, which also improve focus, or greens to reduce work-related fatigue. Trying to inspire creatives? Yellow is great for this while also improving optimism. Want to invoke angry sentiment tinged with intensity and quick fuses?? If that?s a resounding no, you might want to avoid too much red in areas where employees sit for long periods of time. However, if the area includes physical activity or has a need that requires immediate attention, red can support passion and action.


With all the expenses a business faces, you may not consider updating the furniture and style to be a priority. However, while this may seem like a small detail, it can make a huge impact on energy levels. When employees are surrounded by dated styles, it can promote a sense of sluggishness around the office. Give your office an updated flair to allow your employees to feel as though the company is interested in being cutting edge. If the company culture includes having a finger on the pulse of today, your employees will follow that lead and begin thinking in such a way themselves when brainstorming or problem solving for your business.

The people of the office are important but the physical surrounding in which they work can either help or hinder productivity. Take the time to make changes to reach the highest levels of production for your business.


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