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How Would You Fix The Economy?


There seems to be some huge political disagreements about how to handle the current recession.

Do we stop spending all together in order to halt the growing national debts? After all, who’s gonna pay in the future? Are we mortgaging our kids future??

Or do we put some money back out into the economy, thereby helping small businesses to create more jobs and expand? Allowing people to go back to work and start spending money again…allowing businesses and people to begin to flourish again….creating more abundance for everything?

You may recall during the 2008, Presidential election, John McCain suggested a complete freeze of government spending, (except for the military, of course), while Obama implied that getting money back out there in the economy was a better solution.

Guess it depends upon your politics.

And also, your beliefs about the richness and abundance of our world….or the fear and poverty of our world.

Seems that it is a difference in worldview. Maybe that is the differences in the political parties.

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