How to Quit Your Job and Do What You Want


How to Quit Your Job and Do What You WantMillions of employees around the world are getting tired and sick of their jobs. This isn’t new. So many people feel stuck in their jobs and don’t know what to do. Although they have million dollar ideas, they do not have enough spirit and courage to quit their jobs. They are fearful and they are afraid of taking risks.

Here are simple steps to quit your job and do what you want in life:

Why do you want to quit?

Before you quit your job, it is first important to ask yourself why you want to quit at the first place. Are you interested in starting your own business?

People are often sad and tired with their jobs. However, being tired is not enough motivation to quit your job. The reason behind it is that when quitting your job and starting a business, there must be a justifiable and strong reason.

Plan for the exit strategy.

After you have found enough reason to quit your job, you must plan for the quitting strategy. Do you have enough in your emergency fund to last you? Do you already have a secured investment portfolio? Do you have a job lined up?

After you have quit, what will be the next? Are you going to sleep and sit at the couch? Will you get a job or even start a business? These questions are important and you must have realistic answers to them. If you are interested in looking for another job, then do so.? You might even want to have a new job lined up before you leave your current one.

Preparing the Mindset

You need to have the right mindset when you quit your job to do what you want. Quitting your job to become an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage, and you need to prepare yourself. Starting your own business might mean that you are giving up security and certainty.? To become a successful entrepreneur, you must give it your best shot to enhance the business. You must also be prepared for failure because not every business is a success.

Analyzing Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Ask yourself questions like what are you good at. What are those things that you are complimented for? What are those traits that further impressed your boss? What are those skills that you possess?

Setting a Targeted Time To Quit Your Job

When will you quit your job? This is a must-answer question that requires a definite answer. You might want to think about the exact day, the week, month and so on. You might also want to think about health insurance, how you will pay your bills, and so on.


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