How to Make Exit Pop-Ups More Interesting


There is nothing new about the concept of conversion rate optimization. But, if you search the internet, you will end up noticing that there are so many websites that are begging for optimization. It is pretty obvious that conversion rate optimization is not being used by websites to the full capacity. On the other hand, the small businesses and startups with websites tend to have the power to boost the number of subscriptions, email sign ups and sales.

One of the most underrate conversion rate optimization tool is exit intent pop-up. In very simple terms, it is a pop-up that appears on the website when the viewer is about to leave the website. This pop-up usually asks the viewer to sign up for the monthly email newsletter or offers a special discount coupon upon registration, or simply shows to the visitor something else on the website.

How are you supposed to take advantage of this simple tool to gain more popularity for your website and brand? The conversion rate optimization tool is all about experimenting with different pop-ups ? window sizes, frequencies, designs or texts. We present you with some strategies that could help you with your marketing plan. Read along:

(1) Make an offer they cannot refuse.

If a visitor is about to leave the website, your pop-up has to have something that the visitor finds appealing. An irresistible offer is the only way you can actually stop the visitor from exiting the website. You could give them some free downloadable content (some ebook), a special discount or coupon, newsletter sign-up, or ask them to be a part of some contest.

(2) There are mainly two kinds of pop-ups, one that covers the entire screen and the other that partially overlaps the website. Research shows that the conversion rate tends to double up if you switch from a window-type to a full-screen pop-up. This will put the entire attention on the pop-up only.

(3) Whatever message you will put up on the pop-up should be creative and something that engages the audiences. Make sure the message talks about your overall branding.

(4) You could add some graphics and bright images to grab their attention. Statistics show that engagement increases by about 15 percent when animated graphic and images were added to the pop-ups. So, don?t be afraid to add a GIF or an image to you exit pop-up to make it more exciting.


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