How To Launch A Successful Google AdWords Campaign


Google AdWords offers marketing services for companies that boosts search results and helps them reach out to their customers. If you use the correct strategies to launch a online marketing campaign, you may end up getting more clicks for lesser amount of money, and higher conversion rate (visitors to buyers). Given below is a guide that will help you launch your very own Google AdWords campaign:

  • The first step would be to go, click on the ?Get Started Now? option and create an AdWords account. After logging into the account, you could begin your first campaign.
  • After you?ve created an AdWords account, you have to set a campaign type which could any one of the tree Google offers – Google Search Network, Google Display Network or the YouTube Network. After selecting a suitable type, you give the campaign a name.
  • Now you?ve got to decide the geographic location you wish to target. The ?Let me choose? option will help you search for geographic locations and areas, from countries to towns in a certain province.
  • Google AdWords offers different bid strategies, and depending upon the type of campaign you wish to launch, you could choose the right bids for your keywords. You select conversions if you want direct your product to be sold directly after the customer visits your advertisement. If you simply want to increase the traffic on your site (want more people to visit your website), focus on clicks. Brand awareness is increased using impressions and more specifically if you want more people to watch your video advertisements, go with views.
  • After you have chosen the appropriate bid strategy for your campaign, you have to set a budget. Google AdWords allows you to spend a maximum amount on a daily basis. You can select your own budget, as per your goals.
  • The main part of the whole campaign is when you have to write your first ad. You have a limit of 25 words for your headline, and you have to make good use of the limit and include only those keywords that the customers may be searching. The next two lines have a limit of 35 words each. You use the first line to probably mention why your product is better than the rest, and the next line to mention a feature or an offer. All this is followed by the URL of the landing page.
  • You now set a bid price for each of your important keywords (maximum cost-per-click). Every keyword has a different market, because of which has a different price.

After you review your ad one last time, from the keywords to the cost-per-click to the daily budget, enter your payment information.


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