How to Find the Cheapest Flight


How to Find the Cheapest FlightWhen was the last time that you bought a flight? I’m going to guess that you probably almost fainted because of the prices that are out there!

Unfortunately, not all flights are inexpensive. This may cause some pain to your wallet and your budget. Thus, there is a need to take the effort and time to find cheap flights in order for you to save as much money as you can.

Here is a simple guide about how to find the cheapest flight:

Buy at Early Hours

During earlier hours, it is usually a little bit easier to find the cheapest flight. I’m not sure why, but looking in the morning instead of around dinner time can mean a large amount in savings.

Avoid Holiday Times/Peak Travel

As for the cost of flights, they tend to increase during holiday or peak times, especially during school holidays. It is best to keep away from planning trips during this time if you can. Also, if you avoid peak season, you can usually save on hotel expenses as well.

Bring Carryon Baggage

A lot of the mainstream airlines have a baggage allowance, and then charge you for anything that you go over with. Try to only bring what is included in the fare if you want to save money.

Be Flexible

When one is more flexible with the dates, one is more likely to find the cheapest flight. The prices of flights vary on many related factors, like the day and the time that the flight departs. With becoming more flexible, this allows you to receive better flight pricing.

Taking the Red-Eye or Flying Midweek

Since there are many people who travel on the weekend; midweek flights are often cheaper. Usually flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest. Also, taking flights that are really early in the morning or very late at night usually means some savings as well.

Taking the Time To Prepare for Your Flight

With finding the cheapest flight, there is a need to take the time to prepare for the flight and do some research. Even though this might be time-consuming, the prices of flights can be compared and chosen accordingly.

Delete Your Cookies.

Many airlines (if not all) will store your information so that they know what flights you are thinking about buying. Then, they will adjust the pricing so that your prices will be higher. Always delete your information so that you can get the correct pricing.

About the author:

Matthew Roblin is a freelance writer originally from Toronto, Canada and is currently living in Finland. Having studied a university degree in tourism, he specializes in the travel niche and also tries to find an interest in all topics and themes, which prompts his writing. When he isn’t at his desk writing while often listening to Jazz, you can find him biking around town, at a local cafe or even at a cottage enjoying Finnish Sauna.


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