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How to Budget a Wedding the Right Way


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There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend lavishly for your wedding since you only get married ?hopefully ? once. But as with any occasion, overspending can turn into a mess. After all what is the point of spending extravagantly for one day while the rest of your time together is spent paying off wedding loans? In order to avoid this crisis, you must budget your wedding wisely. As you may know, all weddings consist of key features which have more prominence over others. If you manage to budget these features effectively, the rest will follow suit. Listed below are brief explanations of how to budget a wedding properly.

The Venue

The location of your wedding can shape your budget to a great extent. Rather than going for a five star hotel or a reception hall, try something simpler. Of course, the space must be able to accommodate all guests invited. If you have sufficient space in your yard or garden, then with some decoration, it can become a beautiful wedding spot. But do know that you will have to spend extra for tables, catering and decor. This is not the case with booked venues since they offer a prearranged package that includes all essential needs.

The Wedding Dress

As much as you wish to look lovely when you walk down the aisle, do remember that you are investing a fortune on something you will never wear again in your life. If you are determined to make a purchase, try shopping during the latter part of the year when discounts and special deals are offered in abundance. You can also purchase a secondhand wedding dress. This will either have to be borrowed or rented. If you wish to add some sentimental value to the dress, you can rework your mother?s wedding gown and use it.


Try to be creative and practical when selecting the menu. For example, instead of ordering hundred types of pastas, order one neutral type and offer it with a variety of sauces that will cater to the needs of various guests. You can also try something innovative to reduce your costs. Since traditional sit-down dinners are becoming clich?, try and offer an evening brunch along with a subsequent cocktail party. Speaking of which, remember that spending heavily on liquor can create a hole in your pocket too.


Wedding photographers make a fortune out of each wedding they visit. Although their prices are reasonable considering the amount of work they do, it is a waste of money since with the right camera anyone can take a good photo. You can talk to friends and colleagues to find inexpensive services or even negotiate a package deal with the photographer. If not, you can trust the work of a reliable photography student and give them the responsibility.

Furthermore, remember that the more time you spend on planning, the more you will spend. So create a schedule and stick to deadlines to spend wisely.



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