How Much Is A Honeymoon?


The other day I was doing some research for a future vacation when I came across someone who said that they had budgeted $29,000 for a one-month long honeymoon.

Yes, I just said 29 THOUSAND dollars!

My mouth dropped when I saw that, and guess what? This person was asking for budget tips…

They honestly did not think that $29,000 was enough for a one-month long honeymoon. According to Real Size Bride, the average honeymoon is a little under $4,500, and 15% of couples spend over $7,000. So this person’s budget was well over even the average luxurious vacation.

How Much Is A Honeymoon?Below are my honeymoon budget tips. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an awesome honeymoon, and even the $4,500 amount sounds a little excessive to me.

Decide where you want to travel to.

Certain places are more expensive than others. You could stay in the mainland United States, go on a cruise, go to Hawaii, travel to Europe, go on a round the world trip, visit the Caribbean and so on. There are hundreds of options out there for what you could possibly do while you are on your honeymoon.

See if you can use credit card rewards.

If you are about to have an expensive wedding, see if you can put any of those crazy high expenses on a good rewards card. You may be able to earn a free vacation from all of your wedding expenses.

If you are bad with credit cards though, then please just skip this step because your honeymoon is not worth going into debt over if you do not know how to use credit cards correctly.

I know of someone who recently was able to score a week-long vacation to Hawaii that included a resort and airfare and the whole thing was covered by rewards points. I think they had to pay $100 as well, but that is, OF COURSE, still an amazing deal that I wouldn’t even think twice about.

Don’t forget about using a travel agent.

There’s a myth out there that a travel agent is expensive. That is just not true at all though. I have used a travel agent and I know of others who have used one and have actually saved a lot of money.

Recently, my friend used a travel agent for her seven-day honeymoon and was able to get an all-inclusive resort and airfare for less than $2,000 altogether (both her husband and her!). That is a great deal, and she couldn’t find anywhere else that could beat that price.

Tell everyone that it is your honeymoon.

Whether you are at a restaurant or you just arrived at your hotel, you might want to slip into the conversation that you are on your honeymoon and that you recently got married. You may be able to get some free stuff while you are on your trip, such as a hotel room upgrade.

How much did you spend on your honeymoon?



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