How Mobile Websites Get Us to Spend More Money

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Online shopping is a dream come true for shopaholics. Not only them but people who are not that drawn to shopping also get easily sucked into the madness. Online shopping has made life so much for easier for everyone – people who do not like shopping do not have to step out of their comfort zones to get the things they need and people who love shopping now have the power to do so at their fingertips.

Not only that, being able to access the online shopping sites on our mobile phones make it, even more, easier to shop whenever and where ever we want.

marketing online

Online shopping isn?t only about online stores as a sperate entity but physical stores have made it even simpler to shop online through their creation of mobile websites to keep up with the competition and the changing times of everything going digital.

What are Mobile Websites?

How they work is that – Mobile websites are the stripped-down versions of desktop sites. The goal of a mobile website is to make your life easier. They do that by making your search for information and path to purchasing easier, the efficiency with which these sites are built, thew no-efforts aspect for the user makes it even more easy to click buy.

Because mobile websites or apps are easy to use, we have a lot more time on our hand to browse through the selection present. This gives us options to look at, based on our browsing history we are shown things that we might like so even if we didn?t think we needed something, after going through the mobile website, you will feel like you need a lot more than you do.

In short, mobile websites are like really efficient versions of salespeople without all the nagging and just the right amount of persuasion. Because we feel like we are the one making the decision to purchase a certain item recommended to us, the guilt associated is far lesser as well. The ease of use has led to us spending more money.

The ability to purchase items at the touch of a button has made it difficult for us to think about the implications of the purchase. Smart decisions fly out of the window when you browse through the selection at 3 in the morning.

The Harmful Combination of Retail Therapy and Online Shopping

Retail therapy is a way of relaxing for a lot of people, some people know it when they are doing it and some don?t. In the times, when stress is at an all-time high, ease of shopping isn?t making it easier for people who rely on retail therapy to deal with their stress.

Whenever you feel sad, stressed, or any kind of negative emotion, you don?t have to wait for you to get off work or the day to end or even the weekend to go shopping and make yourself feel better. You can instantly turn to any of the mobile shopping websites and quickly buy yourself something or spend time browsing through items you might like.

The personalization of the recommendations doesn?t help either. All it does is it makes easier for you to hit purchase. It might be a good thing for businesses but is definitely not good for you. You need to be more vigilant when shopping in an emotional state because convenience in shopping shouldn?t be a reason for the inconvenience in your financial health.


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