How Consumer Credit Counseling Services Can Help You


Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS), now called Apprisen Financial Advocates, is a nonprofit group that offers to help people solve their individual credit problems.

Neighborhood branches of CCCS exist in most areas of the United States. You can contact CCCS in person, over the phone or on the Internet ( Your initial consultation is free, but they do charge a fee for their continuing services.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services highlights the instruction they can provide you and the superiority of their services. CCCS counselors are trained and certified by the National Foundation for Consumer Credit. They will be of assistance to you by giving you advice on managing your money, offering solutions to your existing debt problems, and then will develop a custom-made plan to move you from your existing circumstances to steady money management health.

The Credit Repair Help You Need

They have a good reputation for helping clients out of debt and encouraging them to stay out of debt. You can find a branch somewhere near you no matter how small your town is.

You should be prepared for your first counseling session at CCCS you should provide your counselor all the documents that relate to your finances. Your counselor can then fully understand your situation and then can offer suggestions and encouragement so that you can make payments on your bills and outstanding debts. The next step will be to help you manage your income and expenses and work out a plan to help you remain debt free and be able to maintain a good, clean credit rating.

Get Your Spending Under Control

They do charge a fee for their services, but because of the good reputation, the fee is a small price to pay. Look at it this way ? you somehow got into trouble with spending money. While you probably spent some money on necessities, you also probably did a lot of impulse spending that was not necessary. The truth is that you are in trouble with your credit rating and you need to find a way to pay your debts and get back on track.

The counselors at Consumer Credit Counseling Services have extensive skills and training that can help specifically with your circumstances. They have found ways to negotiate with your creditors to develop a repayment plan that you can afford and that creditors would be unlikely to agree to if they worked directly with you.

Another fact you should know about Consumer Credit Counseling Service is they will be at your side through your debt repayment and credit recovery process.. So, once you’ve worked out your repayment plan with your counselor, you can continue to work our a household budget that will help you become financially sound and keep you out of debt.

To locate a local office of CCCS, search your local yellow pages under ?Credit Counseling Services?. You can also do a search on the Internet say through the yellow pages section at You can also call their toll free number for assistance. You can reach CCCS at 1-800-355-2227.

In our credit conscious world, credit can help or ruin you. It all depends on your attitude toward it and how you use it. If you have not developed wisdom in the use of credit, there is no better time then now to develop better attitudes and skills in this important area of life.


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