Guest Blogging For Your Business


Have you tried guest blogging for your business or your blog? I’m not talking about trying to get just SEO out of guest blogging – I’m talking about actually trying to find new clients by reaching out to new audiences. There is a great ecommerce guide about guest blogging found here, so I would definitely read that. Below is a summary of what I think you should know.

Where should I guest blog?

There are so many different places where you could guest blog, but it’s usually a good idea to just stick to blogs and websites in your niche or blogs that have audiences that you are trying to reach out to or expand to.

If your company sells clothing to teenagers, then you are probably not interested in guest blogging on websites that sell breathing machines – it just doesn’t make any sense. Your guest blogging needs to make sense or you will just be wasting your time, and the website owner that you contacted may think that you are crazy for even contacting them!

Should I sound like an advertisement?

If you are trying to guest blog, then you should try to sound as human and like yourself as you can. If you have a great personality, then show it! No need to hide it. Guest blog posts that sound like straight advertisements usually do not do very well. You should be informative, but also fun and engaging at the same time as well.

If you are feeling generous, then usually giving the readers of the guest blog post a discount code, such as “READERS20OFF.” These usually work very well. Or, you could even try to have a giveaway of the product that you are trying to sell through your company.

Do you guest blog for your company or your own blog?


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