Financial Fitness And Credit Score Perfection


Apparently there are a few folks out there that have the highest of the highest credit scores. That would be scores above 800 and even into the 900?s. Of course, these folks enjoy some wonderful perks that the rest of us may only dream of, such as lower interest rates, better terms, the knowledge that no matter what type of credit they apply for they will never be turned down and perhaps the most important, absolute Peace of Mind when it comes to credit and finances.

A credit score is a measurement that every one of us can look at to measure our financial health. A credit score indicates how responsible we are and how seriously we take our obligations?.

Or Not!

While the fact is that it is very admirable to find someone with an exceptionally high credit score, the rest of us mere mortals have to realize and accept that sometimes the best laid plans go awry, sometimes our realities fail to match our dreams and in short, sometimes?.

shit happens!

It just does.

Obviously the person who has an 850 credit score and has never been late on a payment or even worse, missed a payment has not had the same challenges as say?.

The person who lost their job, their savings, their retirement, their income, their marriage, their health, or any number of other things? and so on and so on and so on. In these cases, is it truly a measurement of someone?s character and sense of responsibility? Or could it be as simple as their ability to have successfully avoided problems, challenges, the economy and more (so far anyway)?

If you have struggled with bad credit, you need not punish yourself any more by comparing yourself to other people who haven?t lived through and experienced the same type of challenges.

The best thing you can do is pick yourself up (not by comparing yourself to these folks, of course), start over, do the best you can and move on. You may never get a score over 800 but you won?t be the only one. That type of credit score is rare. Very rare.

Challenges can come up for anyone. If you have struggled with bad credit, paying your bills, or your finances for whatever reason?that is just part of life. Granted, it doesn?t seem to be part of these people?s lives but the fact is that many, many if not most people experience financial challenges at one time or another. Especially in the current economy.

Credit repair services can offer you some valuable assistance to get your score as high as possible and there are many great tips that you should take into consideration to keep your credit good.

If you can garner some good ideas from the credit card superstars then do so, but otherwise, just consider them as the anomaly that they are.