Fatal Credit Errors


I recently read an article about credit scores. There was some decent information except that it claimed that the 700+ scores were only for people who had never had a problem ?ever?!

Well, ?ever? is a long time! A long, long time! Besides that how frightening is it for the individual who messes up and thinks that their credit can never get better and they can never get a high 700+ credit score, ?ever??

Not true! Not true at all! Not true, even if you don?t do credit repair (however, different credit repair tips may be helpful and you definitely should try to get some new, better credit).

Negative credit listings can only stay on your report for a maximum of 7 years. Even a bankruptcy can only stay on your report for 10 years.

That?s it.

Statute of Limitations passes, it?s over. Done. Finished.

Not only that, if you can’t wait you can complete some credit repair techniques and make a huge dent in a low score.

So don?t lose hope. It is conceivable that your credit could go totally bad, really poor, below 500 or even 400 or 300, with all kinds of negative listings and you can get back on your feet completely, create some better credit and still achieve a 700+ credit score.

It may take some time. It may take some work.

But you?re not stuck outside of the land of ?ever? if you messed up once or twice or even more times than that.

Nothing lasts forever, not even bad credit!

So if you read something like the article I read that claims that you can only have a good score if you have never had a problem ?ever? and unfortunately you have had problems and your credit is poor don?t let it get you down.

There are second chances and maybe even 3rd, 4th and 5th chances.

And there are no ?Fatal Errors?. None. Nada. Nope.


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