Economic Tweets Worth Mentioning


Funny and insightful tweets about the economy, credit cards and more. Enjoy!

From Sherrill3773, SybilBillings, Maryjo8019 and many, many more?.

? Blaming Obama for the economy is like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast.

From FoxTrot1984

? New FN poll shows majority of Americans think Obama should stop blaming Bush on the economy & take responsibility.

From Devilanvesha

? Got my very first credit card?.psst?shoppinnnnnn!!!yepii?.

From galuk1

? Oh my God, Express just bumped my credit limit up another $500. What do I need with a $1250 credit limit? That?s dangerous.

From nikkiblue32

? Just finished paying my bills?On time might I add?Step ya credit game up!

From kristifustafson @MickIAm

? I am going to be in heaven. BTW: they don?t take debit/credit cards?