DOFD Or Date Of First Delinquency


If your old credit card debt has been charged off by the original lender but subsequently sold to a collection agency the new collection agency may change the last active date to the time that they procured the bad loan.

However, that does not change the DOFD of the Date of First Delinquency. The last active date can change at any time based upon transfers in between collection agencies and so forth but no collection agency has the right to change the DOFD.

Accounts will fall off from your credit report based upon the DOFD regardless of how often the loan has changed hands in the collection process.

If the time has passed from the DOFD and the item is still showing on your credit report a simple credit repair letter should be sufficient to get it removed.

Don?t be fooled by last activity dates as that can change again and again until eternity passes but the DOFD is the same no matter what and all negative credit falls off eventually after the time passes from that date only.