Did You Choose A Credit Repair Company That Is BBB Accredited?


There are plenty of credit repair scams out there and if you do some searching around the Internet you will find plenty of uneducated (as in this case, they don?t really know what they are talking about) people claiming that there is no such thing as real ?credit repair?.

And while it is true that you are not supposed to remove items from your credit report that are true and factual, there are still many ways to improve your credit, from the obvious, such as removing mistakes, to taking steps with the credit you have or even getting new credit in order to increase your scores.

But if you are looking for a credit repair company, one thing you might want to consider looking for is a BBB accreditation. BBB is for the Better Business Bureau.

Businesses in the United States and in Canada must be able to meet specific standards and complete the application procedures of the BBB in order to be accredited. They must also maintain a level of professionalism in handling complaints etc. in order to keep the accreditation.

The BBB has long been a consumer advocate and it is always a good idea to select a company or service based upon a good BBB rating.

So does your credit repair company have BBB accreditation?

BBB rating for Lexington Law.