Debt Tagging Becoming More Common


It’s becoming more and more likely that you have errors and mistakes showing on your credit report.

Debt collectors are having a heyday in this current recession as consumer default rates on debts are hitting record highs.

But more and more often ?debt-tagging? is taking place. This means that more people are getting harassed because credit information is getting reported wrong.

Have a common name? You may have someone else?s debt showing on your credit report. Getting harassed by collectors even though you have never missed a payment? Again, you can blame it on debt tagging.

The FTC receives more complaints about the debt-collection industry than any other.

And it is just getting worse.

It?s estimated that as many as 75% of all credit reports contain errors. In the current economy it seems to just be getting worse.

Get your credit report today and dispute the erroneous information.

See?Debt tagging? by collection agencies a growing problem at the Washington Post.