Credit Tweet-Twits Whatever


As seen recently on Twitter?.

The Batman has no limits. Most importantly, no credit limit.

(hmm, wonder what his credit score is?)

if I had a credit card I’d have bought it too, sorry 🙁

(yeah, I would have went into debt right along with you!)

UGRENT! Sandy’s now takes debit and credit cards. Breaking hard. Major story.

(Ugrent? Huh, ugh?)

Always carry cash, you never know when credit cards will stop working

(yes, that could be wise advice but who in the world follows that)

I’m trying to save money, but when I’m feeling like this I need to lose my credit cards cause Imma go willd & get a top floor

(Yep, Imma wantin? to get willd on that top floor!)

Stop direct-mailing me offers to sign up 4 new credit cards. Don’t need new financial balls & chains. One card is sufficient empowerment.

(wow, wisdom on twitter?)

I love when ladies with dooney and burke purses have their credit cards denied at target. Tee hee and #riptupac

(So you love it when the ?richer than you? people really aren?t?)

I have twenty dollars to subsist on for the foreseeable future. Meaning, like, the next month. No credit cards available. This is bad.

(That is bad, hate it when that happens!)