Credit Restoration


When there is talk about credit repair and credit improvement oftentimes the talk focuses upon mistakes and the things that you can perhaps remove on your report that can improve it.

But what about the things that you could include on your report to make it better? What if you had an account that you paid on time, every time but it was never reported? If you do have some credit from the past that is good but it is not showing on your report what can you do?

Well you should really look into it. You deserve credit, especially where good credit is due. Contact the original lender, get documentation and ask them if they will report it. If they will then you’ve got some good credit there but if not, if you have the documentation you can send in a dispute letter along with it and see if you can get it included.

Sometimes it’s not just what is there but what is missing also. Make sure your good credit is reported as well as improving your bad credit.


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