Credit Acronyms, Jargon And Lingo


Credit repair can be challenging enough since you must know your DOFD and make sure that the CR’s are not reporting from the DOLA. Also, is the CS you see a FAKO or a FICO? Should you get a regular CR to look for Derog’s or a CS (no, not that CS, the other CS!!!)

Yep, it can all be as clear as MUD (mud, object oriented or matter of opinion). Makes MEGO (my eyes glaze over) and I want to report it all to the AAAAA (the American Association Against Acronym Abuse!)

But seriously, you will see these acronyms and it is nice to have a clue what they may be talking about!

Here is our forever incomplete but as comprehensive as we could currently make it, list of favorite credit acronyms.
Yes, we’ll add more as they come to us. Any suggestions? Let us know!

ACDV’s = Automated Credit Dispute Verifications

AG = Attorney General

AR = Account Review (soft pulls by creditors)

ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage

AU = Authorized User

AUD’s = Automatated Universal Data Forms

BBB = Better Business Bureau

Beacon Score = See FICO.

BK = Bankruptcy

BK13 = Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

BK7 = Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

BT = Balance Transfer

BT promo = A BT at a promotional rate.

bumpage = pushing hard inquiries off your reports via daily credit pulls

C&D = Cease and Desist (stop collections)

C&D Full/Blanket = Notice to CA to never contact you in ANY way. Use only if the SOL has passed.

C&D Limited = Notice to CA to only contact you via mail.

CA = Collection Agency

CAP 1 = Capital One

CB = Credit Bureau

CBR = Credit Bureau Report

CC = Credit Card

CCC = Credit Card Company

CCCS = Consumer Credit Counseling Services

CE Score = CreditExpert score.

Ch = Chapter

Choppage = A CRA may delete inquires before you get to the bumpage point.

CK = Credit Keeper

CL = Credit Limit

CLOAKING/SUPPRESSED = The CRA suppresses the information and they will never allow the information be put back on your report by the credit card, loan company or the collection agency.

CM = Certified Mail

CMRRR = Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

CO = Charge off OR Collections

Compliance Date = See FCRA Compliance Date.

CR = Credit Report

CRA = Credit Reporting Agency

CRO= Credit Repair Organization

CRRR = Certified mail, Return Receipt Requested

CS = Credit Score

CS = CreditSecure (Experian’s 3-in-1 report via AMEX)

CU = Credit Union

CW = Credit Watch

DC = Debt Collector

DDA = Direct Deposit Account

Derog = Derogatory tradeline-any listing on your credit file that is negative in any way.

DF = Data Furnisher (also FOI)

DMP = Debt Management Plan

DOFD= Date of First Delinquency

DOI = Department of Insurance

DOLA = Date of Last Activity

DTI = Debt to Income

DV = Debt Validation and Debt Verification

EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer

E-Oscar = Electronic online program developed by CRA’s to process ACDV’s (Automated Credit Dispute Verifications) and AUD’s (Automated Universal Data Forms)

EQ = Equifax

EQ CWG = Equifax Credit Watch Gold

ETA= Edited to Add

EX = Experian

Experica = Similar to FICO, as reported by TransUnion.

F/R = Financial Review. Creditor locking your account down until you provide further financial info to support your CLs (common AMEX term).

FACTA= Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act. Revisions to FCRA

Fair Isaac = Fair Isaac Corporation, the developer of the FICO score, the most commonly used credit scoring system in the United States.

FAKO = credit scores supplied by the credit bureaus that are only an estimate of your true FICO score. These can be off by as much as 100 points and they are not used by lenders but only as an estimate from the credit bureaus.

FCBA = Fair Credit Billing Act

FCRA = Fair Credit Reporting Act

FCRA Compliance Date = Often called “DOFD”, the date the reporting SOL is based off of (See DOFD).

FDCPA = Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

FHA = Federal Housing Administration, provides low down payment mortgages backed by the government.

FHLMC = The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation or Freddie Mac. A quasi-governmental organization that buys mortgages on the secondary market.

FICO = Fair Isaac Company, the company that created the mathematical formula used to score credit worthiness of consumers

FICO Score = Fair Isaac Credit score, the most commonly used credit score in the United States

FIFO = First In, First Out. Usually refers to how your letters are answered.

FNMA = The Federal National Mortgage Association or Fannie Mae. A quasi-government organizations that buys mortgages on the secondary market.

FOI = Furnisher of Information

FRCP = Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Freddie Mac = Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLM)

FTC = Federal Trade Commission.

GC = Green Card from Certified Mail

Goodwill adjustment = Adjustment made to your credit report in response to your Goodwill letter.

GW = Goodwill letter

Hard Inquiry = Inquiry visible to others and counted in your credit score.

HELOC = Home Equity Line of Credit

HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191

HUD- Housing and Urban Development, includes FHA

IIB = Included In Bankruptcy

Inq = Inquiry

ITS = Intent To Sue

JDB = Junk Debt Buyer

LOC = Line of credit

MCK = My Credit Keeper, a credit monitoring agency

OC = Original creditor

PFD = Pay for Delete

PG =, Credit monitoring, anti-identity-theft company

PIF = Paid In Full

PMI = Private Mortgage Insurance

PP = Permissible Purpose (to pull your credit report)

PR = Procedural Request–request how CRA verified

RCP= Rules of Civil Procedure

RE = Restrictive Endorsement (contractual check)

REPC = Real Estate Purchase Contract

RR = Return Reciept

RRR = Return Reciept Requested

SASE = Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

SIF = Settled In Full

SOL = Statute of limitations

TILA = Truth in Lending Act

TL = Tradeline

TU = TransUnion

UCC = Uniformed Commercial Code

UDF = Universal Data Form


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