Credit Card Features You May Not Know About


Many people out there do not know that their credit cards may come with other features besides just being able to pay for things with your credit card. Credit cards are not all evil, and some of them even come with great benefits that prove useful to their users. I have found that there are many very useful aspects of having a credit card.

Below are credit card features that you may not be using yet:

Credit Card Features You May Not Know AboutProtection from transactions that you did not make yourself.

I think this is one of the biggest positives of having a credit card. Unlike when you pay for expenses with cash, most credit cards will protect you from unauthorized transactions.

If someone takes your card and starts charging you, the most money that you will have to pay is $50, and then the credit card company is liable for the rest.

You can also dispute charges if there is a charge that you do not recognize on your credit card. Or if the merchant lied about a product. These are all things that you should read further about in your card member agreement.

Car rental insurance.

If you have a credit card, then you may have car rental insurance. If you ever need to rent a car, then you should check with your credit card company and see if they cover car rentals for travel before you try to pay for it yourself.

As you may know, car rental insurance can add up quickly. You may easily pay $30 a day just for car rental insurance, which is a lot of money!

Travel insurance.

Have you ever bought travel insurance before? If not, then it is something that you at least need to think about. Before you buy it, you should see if your credit card company covers your vacations. Travel insurance sometimes covers accidents when on a trip, delayed or cancelled flights that cause you to miss your vacation, bad weather, and more.

Shows and tickets.

If you are into music, shows, and so on, then you may have at one point come across tickets that are only for sale to certain credit card holders. Isn’t that always a drag? This is a benefit of having certain credit cards. Sometimes these only apply to pre-sale tickets, whereas other times it applies to better seating.

Do you use all of your credit card features? Why or why not?


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