Costs To Think About Before You Buy A Dog


Costs To Think About Before You Buy A DogBefore you get your first pet, you need to really sit down and think over everything. Yes, the animal may look super cute and he or she may even need you, but you need to think over the common costs owning a dog.

I believe that it is best to understand what having a dog means before you jump into it. Pet costs can add up very quickly, especially if you are a new pet owner. If you are not prepared for the costs, then you will just be jeopardizing the health of your animal, and that is something that no one wants to happen.

Here are common dog costs that you may encounter if you bring a dog home to your family.

Finding the pet.

Do you know where you plan on getting your pet from? Definitely look into adoption if you haven’t yet. There are plenty of animals out there that will fit what you are looking for.

Adopting an animal is almost always cheaper than buying one from a breeder. Adopting a dog is usually somewhere between FREE to $200, whereas buying from a breeder may mean a cost of over $1,500.

Medical costs.

Medical costs will be much higher if you have a puppy instead of an adult dog. Puppies will need all of their puppy shots, but they should be spayed or neutered as well.

You might even want to look into pet insurance, which is another cost of having a pet dog.


There are many different brands of dog food out there. You might be able to feed your dog on $10 a month, or it may cost you into the hundreds each month. This depends on the size of your dog and what type of dog food you buy.

Doggie daycare.

Your dog should never be locked up all day. Sadly, pet owners are still being caught doing this, but it is not how you should treat a dog. If you cannot spend time with your dog, then you need to figure out some sort of new plan to taking care of your dog.

I know a few people who send their dog to doggie daycare when her and her husband each work long hours. No, they are not rich. They just know how to budget their money correctly and spend money on what is right. They know that keeping their dog in a crate for 15 hours a day is not the right way to treat a pet family member, so they send their dog to a daycare that they have personally watched (to make sure they know what they’re doing).

Doggie daycare usually costs around $25 to $35 a day for the day time, and $50 and over for overnight stays.


There are many other things that you might need with a new pet as well. You may need to buy a crate, dog bed, bed for his or her crate, leash, collar, ID tag, toys, treats, food bowl, water bowl, and so on.

You may even decide that you need a fence, and that is a very large expense!

How much do you spend on your pet each year?



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