Consumer Protection Week


In case you haven’t been thinking about such things as ‘Caveat Emptor?, buyer beware or looking after your rights as a consumer, you are invited to do so this week as it is ?Consumer Protection Week?.

Consumers across the country are being advised to know and take full advantage of their rights as consumers and to make better, more informed decisions.

So that is a great reminder to get your free credit report if you haven’t got one for the past year. Go to

And check it out. Look for errors, mistakes, mis-reportings and under-reportings. There are things you can fix and repair to help you to get better credit. Of course, there are also things that you can’t repair but time can and will help you on those.

And while you’re at this effort of making better decisions look at your financial situation. Are there some things you can do to improve it? What interest rates are you paying on your debts? Do you have a ballpark idea of when they can be paid off? No, not at the minimum payment but paid off, out of your hair, paid in full….my money is mine again, paid off? Figure it out, make a plan. You are the only one who will look out for your own financial future. Take this reminder to do it now.

And here is a helpful website you should check out before you get involved with any type of Loan Modification. Unfortunately in these times of economic uncertainty there are always some who will try to scam and take advantage of people who are feeling desperate. So if you are upside down on your mortgage or behind on your payments and you are considering a modification find out what you should expect. Find out what is appropriate and know your rights as a consumer because again, no one else will look out for you.


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