Citibank’s UK Offerings


There are many banks out there for you to choose. If you are looking for one with several options, many of which may suit you and your financial lifestyle, then Citibank may be for you. Citi has many different banking options for you, such as Citigold, International, Savings Accounts, and Wealth Management. Below we will be discussing the different services?that Citi offers.


Citihold is a personal banking service. There are several benefits, such as transaction free ?services on certain international funds transfers. You can do up to eight of these types of transfers per month. There is also a dedicated relationship manager that will help you with their investment expertise. You can also have access to foreign currency accounts with your Citigold card. With Citigold, you also can have holiday travel insurance.

Best of all, Citigold can possibly be free for you is you have an average monthly balance of ?75,000 or more across all of your Citi accounts.


With Citi’s international banking service, you can have a foreign currency account that allows you to transfer money globally easily. You can enjoy transaction fee-free services, which is a great benefit.

Savings Accounts.

Citi also has savings accounts for its customers. They provide accounts such as the Reward Saver Account Issue 6, Flexible Saver Account Issue 12, US Dollar Reward Saver Issue 2, the Foreign Currency Deposit Account, and a Time Deposit.

They also offer a financial review with an expert from Citi who can help you with your finances.

Wealth Management.

The last area we will be talking about is their Wealth Management service. This is where you can receive personal investment advice and help so that you can grow your assets and manage your funds better. Cit provides expert investment advice, wealth management products, multi-currency investments, stocks and shares ISAs, and more.

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