Cheap Marketing Tips for Startups and Small Businesses



Young entrepreneurs, with their dreams of starting something new, something of their own, it is often difficult to manage the costs, with such huge capitals involved. During the initial stages, establishing a brand image in the market is a tough task, especially if the startups aren?t finding proper funding for their business. To get noticed by investors, media and the market, they need some cheap marketing strategies to be able to increase their reach. So, if you too are struggling with this problem of marketing, you could follow the tips and tricks written below, instead of trying to hire an expensive PR agency that is going to drain your entire budget. Read along young entrepreneurs:

(1) You need to turn your family, friends and well-wishers into champions who will vouch for your brand. You could put up their testimonials on your social media pages and websites, or create referrals that they can forward to their friends or even create campaigns that could be shared by all on the social media. You could in return gift your products to them, once in a while to add icing to the cake.

(2) Whenever you are starting something new, you need to begin with the community near you. So, connect with your school, your college, your neighbourhood, and create a network of people who could help you reach out to potential investors or prospects. Speak and share your ideas with these groups, and you never know what may turn to your advantage.

(3) For all startups, it is important to participate in competitions that are conducted by bigger organizations that are looking for newer ideas. Showcasing your business plans on such platforms gets you free publicity, and if you are lucky you might win yourself some prize money as well. These events are great places to connect with other entrepreneurs, who might provide you with other insights into the industry.

(4) It is important to put forward the cause you are working for, and the larger goal you wish to achieve, because the market and media pay attention to people and organizations which are willing to give solutions to the existing problems.

(5) These days, there are so many business exhibitions and conferences that are taking place all over the world. And, these events are best places to meet potential customers. In fact, this could be a good place where you could take feedback on your product.


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