Chargebacks And The Blacklist


If you use a credit card for a purchase and for some reason you need to dispute the charges, for example, you never received product, or it was misrepresented, and you ask for a ?chargeback? on your card, you run the risk of being put on a blacklist that can prevent you from using your card with merchants.

Chargebacks are quite expensive for the merchants and most merchants try to avoid them at all costs. The blacklist serves to help the merchants avoid customers who may want to defraud them.

If you are on the blacklist, you can get your information removed, for just the small sum of $99.

Perhaps a better solution would be to try to work with the merchant if there is a problem and see if you can get them to refund your money instead of getting a chargeback. It will save the merchant quite a bit of money because they will avoid the chargeback fees from the credit card companies, and you will get what you wanted also. is a website that keeps a list of customers who do chargebacks for retailers. This is probably not a list you want to be on.