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Are You Saving and Investing Enough?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years – especially since the financial crisis of 2007 – about how working age people are not saving or investing enough to take care of themselves in their retirement. Whether retirement is a very long way off for you or is sneaking up faster than you would like, addressing your saving and investment habits and behaviors can make the whole thing a lot less stressful. Here is some advice to help you become a better saver and investor: Getting Into the Habit of Saving It can be frightening to think about ...
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Smart Tips for Planning Your Retirement

Are you an average person who has a plan for your future? There’s a lot of pressure on you to make your retirement something worth working for. This applies even more strongly if you have a family to care for. However, there are a lot of pitfalls to planning the perfect retirement. If you’re a working class citizen, then you will have a steady job and salary. This is necessary if you are to make your retirement memorable. Nobody wants to spend their yester years drunk and alone in a small tent in the woods, defecating into empty cans of baked ...
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Having Trouble Planning Your Retirement?

Are you one of those people who simply cannot make a solid future plan on your own? We have all been there. Plenty of people just can’t resist spending their money when they have it, instead of saving up like they should be. People also seem to be unable to keep their emotions in check when it comes to money matters. This lack of self-control extends to the world of shopping and spending, and can lead to a very bad future if it isn’t handled right now! You do not want to wake up drunk one day and realise that you are a day away from retirement ...
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What You Need To Know About Penny Stocks

I recently was watching the movie Wolf of Wall Street, and in that movie they talk a lot about penny stocks. Many people don’t know much about penny stocks, and I wanted to talk about it a little bit more since it’s something that isn’t touched upon a lot in the blogging world. So, what is a penny stock? A penny stock is a cheap stock that is usually under $5. Yup, not all penny stocks are actually a penny. Penny stocks are risky to deal with – you can lose your money very quickly, and penny stocks are sometimes filled with ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Start Saving

I’ve had many people tell me that they are waiting to save money for retirement or waiting to save money in their emergency fund for many reasons. Most people say that they can wait because they can do it decades later when they are old. However, I think that’s dumb. Why wait to save money when you can do it now? I always think that you should save, and I don’t care what excuses you have for me. Even if you can only save $50 or $100 a month, that is better than nothing. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t wait to save money: You ...
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How to Start Investing in the Stock Market

The stock market can be an excellent place to invest your money and save for retirement. However, there is no sure way to tell if the stock that you buy will increase into the future. More so, you must be knowledgeable enough in the market that you have invested in. Some just invest in whatever is trending, and this isn’t always the best idea. You should make an effort to learn more about the tactics which really work and the companies that you invest in. I mean, this is your hard-earned dollars that you are putting at risk! If you are a beginner, ...
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