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5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Your Car

With numerous banks offering car loans, purchasing a car might be easy but its maintenance can literally cost you a fortune. Reckless spending and lack of management can leave a big hole in your pocket. But intelligently spending on your car can help you keep it in an optimum condition in an affordable manner. Cleaning, serving, denting, rubbing, painting etc. together can cost you thousands of dollars every year. Therefore, it is important to device ways that save you money keeping your car in a perfect condition. Some tricks to save money on your ...
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Money Saving Tips for Choosing a New Phone

Every time a newer, shinier model of our phone is released, we feel the urge to trade in our older set for the “better”, updated version. This can be most obviously observed with Apple’s iPhone of course. Apple releases newer versions of all their devices every other year like clockwork; and each time with apparently many more features than the last. And every time we fall for it. It’s been found that phone-related costs are one of the most heavyweight expenditures our generation has to endure. However, our primary needs from phones can ...
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Saving and Pre-saving

Saving more and saving better, experience shows that not everyone understands the concept of saving furthermore, people do not know the enemy lies in your own home. The biggest obstacle to overcome to achieve your financial goals is the individual. Humans are biologically designed to seek an immediate reward and not think long term. This pattern has been established for thousands of years and to alter away from such a embedded thought process requires great effort, determination and willpower. In 1972 Stanford University in California conducted ...
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6 Everyday Things you can save Money on

Unnecessary expenses in our everyday lives can put a lot of pressure on our finances. We are often lured to spend excess money on luxuries we can barely afford but don’t really have much use for. Sometimes we buy things just because they look shiny or we feel good about owning them. The problem with spending money in this way is that it drains out our savings and leaves us with little to spend when we really need to. Maybe you have a set budget and you spend frugally on major expenses. But even you might look at your latest bank statements and ...
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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday – Battle of the Discounts

As the battle for early Christmas sales begins on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and with the popularity growing in the UK for these ‘American Imports’, an online voucher code website looked to see where and why it all started. They also looked to see which the biggest day last year was for sales in the US and the UK, and how retailers are planning this year’s events to make the most of these key shopping days. Investigating further explored where both Black Friday and Cyber Monday days originated, they also looked ...
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Low-Effort Financial Decisions that Save Hundreds

We’d all like to get a better hold of our money but, then again, we also love spending it. We have the basics of personal finance down (for the most part) but when it comes to the big items like retirement, investments, and funds, our brains go into static. This post isn’t about those big items – it’s about the low-effort decisions that save money because, let’s face it… these are ones you’ll actually do (and can do today). Renegotiate on Student Loans Many of us have student loans, so it’s worth a shot to call your student loan ...
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Financially Prepare Yourself for a Job Loss

Many individuals lost their jobs and livelihoods during the 2008 financial crisis.  As a result, hopes and dreams were dashed.  The world was on the brink of a financial disaster!  People with jobs attempted to hold onto what they had while others scrambled to become employed.  I remember the time when I lost my job.  My entire department had been let go due to lack of sales.  Despite losing my job, it was not the end of the world.  I ended up getting better opportunities and being better prepared in case this happens again.  You too can ...
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Here’s How You Can Live on Last Month’s Income

Living from paycheck to paycheck is never a good thing. For most of the middle class, their financial reality is that they expect to pay the bills, do the bulk of their grocery shopping, and buy their needs and wants right after a paycheck. But is that a good thing? Of course it’s not. However, this is the reality for a majority of people from all over the globe. So how can you change that? What Exactly Does “Living On Last Month’s Income” Mean? When you live on last month’s income, it’s basically like having a month’s worth of money ...
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