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Managing Your Personal Finance

What to Do After You Declare Bankruptcy

When people don?t manage their finances well - it can lead to their credit scores taking a nosedive. Some even have to file for bankruptcy and start all over again. Not only the financial toll, but you also take on a great...

5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Your Car

money on car
With numerous banks offering car loans, purchasing a car might be easy but its maintenance can literally cost you a fortune. Reckless spending and lack of management can leave a big hole in your pocket. But intelligently spending on your car can help you...

Marriage And Your Credit Score

Getting married is a big decision. There are so many different things to think about before you get married: Will you have a big wedding? Or, will you get married at a court house? Do you know all financial-related information about your significant other? This can include...

The Potential Pitfalls Of Self Credit Repair

If you have some inaccurate credit and you need credit repair you do not need to hire a professional. You can do it yourself for free and the credit bureaus even provide forms on their websites the help you expedite the process. You absolutely...

Top Reasons Why You Would Employ a Car Accident Lawyer

If you obey traffic laws and have never got into a serious accident on the road, it must be a strange concept for you to actually hire someone to speak on your behalf in court. Why do these things have to end up in...

What to do When There is More Month than Money

extra money
We have all experienced it at one time or another? being completely broke and not even able to find any loose change under the cushions on the couch. It doesn?t matter if the situation is due to mismanaging money or if it is self?imposed,...

What I Learned From a Warren Buffett Quote

Anyone interested in learning about the world of finance or thinking of dabbling in it has heard of Warren Buffett. He is an American business magnate and investor who has made a huge and impressive mark in the investment world.