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3 Money-Saving Reasons to Cut Out Unhealthy Lifestyle

One of the common hacks we focus on is saving money. We look for ways to earn more, save more, and invest more, one of the most effective ways, which is in our control, is changing our lifestyle. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, then chances are that a good amount of money is being spent on maintaining them. You might not be that worried about health, but everyone is worried about saving money. So, here are some ways you can kill two birds with a stone – getting rid of unhealthy habits as well as saving money. 1. Save on Food ...
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marketing online

How Mobile Websites Get Us to Spend More Money

Online shopping is a dream come true for shopaholics. Not only them but people who are not that drawn to shopping also get easily sucked into the madness. Online shopping has made life so much for easier for everyone – people who do not like shopping do not have to step out of their comfort zones to get the things they need and people who love shopping now have the power to do so at their fingertips. Not only that, being able to access the online shopping sites on our mobile phones make it, even more, easier to shop whenever and where ...
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newbie investor

Personal Capital Review- A Money Management Tool for Newbie Investors

Personal Capital is a money management tool focused more on investment and retirement. Both the web tool and the mobile app(for Android and iOS) are amazingly designed to help you enter, modify and view information regarding your finances. Like other money management tools, Personal Capital lets you manage all your accounts in one place. It also provides real-time data, which in turn, helps you visualize your cash flow. About Personal Capital Personal Capital(previously known as SafeCorp Financial Corp) is an online financial advisor and ...
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5 Best Passive Income Ideas in 2019

Wouldn’t you like to earn $500-$1000 extra every month without putting in a ton of work? Here is a solution for you. Instead of finding a second-job, try investing your money in an asset that is already generating money. Or create one yourself. Passive income is money generated without any physical work. Your asset generates money for you while you sleep, eat or do whatever you want. In this post, I am only concerned about generating enough income to better your current financial situation. But it is also possible to generate enough money(passively) ...
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Income protection

Income Protection Insurance? Do you really need it

Is your workplace safe?  Do you work in a place where there is a greater chance you getting severely injured; maybe lose a limb or even die? If the answer is yes, an income protection insurance or also known as disability insurance can cover you while you recover from your injury. The question of whether you need income protection or not purely depends on how safe you feel with whatever you are doing at the moment(it could be your profession, hobby or something else). If the organization you are working for does not provide disability ...
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side business

Ingenious Ways to Make Money on the Side

Now you can make money on the side to support and strengthen your financial situation. Most of us are lucky to have some spare time after work that can be utilized in doing something creative. Running a side-business is one of the best things you can do in that spare time. Here are the 5 ingenious ways to make money on the side. 1. Renting out your car Turo is a car renting company that allows you to rent out your car on a per day basis. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Ford Mustang or a Toyota, you can set the right price ...
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Best Exercises for Financial Flexibility

Financial flexibility is a state in which you can afford to spend a few more dollars for your favorite cuisine in a restaurant. You can afford to buy a more comfortable home with heating and cooling systems. You can afford to treat your parents in a specialty hospital. You can afford to send your children to international schools. You can afford to spend two more days of holiday in Hawaii and the Bahamas. Well, you can increase the list to infinity. But how you do it? Here are a few simple tips. Prioritize Spending Essential Spending: ...
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Working capital

How to Spend More and Save Extra

The title may look like two contrasting ideas that are exactly opposite to each other. But your life is much more than a mathematical equation. You can open up possibilities which may not be visible to your open eyes. So, you need to close your eyes and think. Focus on how you can achieve the twin goals without having to become a millionaire overnight. Here we suggest a few guidelines which may help you to achieve a seemingly impossible goal in simple steps. Step-1 Increase Your Income Avenues: Opportunities to earn more are available ...
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