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Baby Shower Gift Guide

It is quite possible that most parents host baby showers just for the presents alone. After all, babies’ needs aren’t cheap and they can use all of the help they can get. While you do want to get your friend or family member a great gift, you may be having some trouble trying to decide what to buy. It can be a little tricky going present shopping for someone who isn’t even born yet. To make this a little easier for you, here are some of the hints and tips you can use to find that perfect gift: Check with the Soon-to-Be Parents You should ...
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A Moment of Gratitude Makes Difference In Your Attitude

There are many people around us who do a lot each day, and we forget to notice their hard-work. The lovely lady at our house who has given birth to us, taken care of us, and who puts in so many efforts to make our home comfortable. Does she not deserve a hug or occasional gifts? Why do we remember her only on Mothers’ Day? What about the hardworking intern in your office who works night and day completing the paperwork, organizing all your files, and doing all the other tasks you throw at him? Does he not deserve a “well done” or a bonus? ...
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Wake Up Early and Live an Hour More

‘My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping I’m devoid of any feelings. I’m peaceful.’ As much as we all love to sleep, we don’t realize how beautiful the world is at dawn. The sun has different shade of an orangish-red; a slight cold breeze; whizzing chirr of the insects; the world is just beginning to awaken. Early mornings capture nature’s beauty in the most memorizing manner. Waking up early keeps your body and mind fresh for the rest of the day. People usually have misconceptions regarding early mornings; they are filled with ...
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Favorite Vacation Spot and 3 Chances to Win Giveaway

We are pleased to offer another giveaway here on 724Credit – just becuase it’s fun! Along with 29 other bloggers we’re giving away a whopping $900!  There are three chances to win! A first prize of $500, a second prize of $300, and a third prize of $100 will go out to the lucky winners. Details below… The theme for this giveaway is… The most exciting vacation you have ever taken… Windsor, England Windsor is a popular tourist town in England that I simply love. I’ve been fortunate to travel there on 3 separate ...
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What Would You Spend $480 on This Summer? Enter to Win!

This contest is over… Do you find that you tend to spend more during the summer versus other times of the year? Summer is when many of us can finally enjoy the outdoors. We might take a nice summer vacation or two. Perhaps play golf every weekend, or maybe do lots of gardening. Of course, all of these activities cost money, in some cases a lot of money. So what can you do to save some money over the summer months, but still have a good time doing the things you love to do? Vacations Always try to book your vacations as early as possible. ...
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