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Tips About How To Save Within Banks

A lot of us think that putting our money in the bank is a secure and wise way of saving. Yes, this is correct if we are wise in working with banks. Banks are not charitable institutions, these are profit-driven entities which charge different types of fees and do a variety of schemes to take away a number of your money. The savings that you could get in being wise for making bank transactions can add up as time passes and let you use your hard earned money where you want to. Below are my tips on how to effectively cut costs in the bank: Mind the ...
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Unemployment and Politics

The unemployment extension package finally passed Congress but without any help from the Republicans who have stated that the unemployed are “spoiled”, have a disincentive to work, don’t want the jobs that are available, are “hobo’s”, and who will just take their unemployment benefits and “blow it on drugs”. Republican Sharron Angle, running for Senate in Nevada: “We have put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said, you don’t want the jobs that are available.” Sen. ...
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Grants For Single Mothers

Single moms have big responsibilities. They have the complete responsibility of running a household and taking care of the kids all on their own. While these responsibilities can be rewarding, they can also be very difficult. If a single mom is not able to secure a good job that pays enough for her and her family to live comfortably it can be very difficult indeed. Many times the key to being able to secure a better job and to create a better life for your family is to get a higher education. However, it can be very difficult for a single mom to ...
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One Page Mortgage Disclosure

If you have ever purchased a home with a mortgage, you will remember the stacks upon stacks of papers you needed to sign, bothe during the loan application and the closing, all the while supposedly knowing everything each paper said, even while there was not time to read them. Well now, Elizabeth Warren, the woman tapped by the President to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has stated that one of the first orders of business for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the create a one-page disclosure form for all home buyers. ...
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Was “Flip That House” A Sign Of An Upcoming Mortgage Crisis?

In a 2005 meeting between economists and then Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as the housing market was continuing to inflate a chief economist named David Stockton remarked about how he had come across a television show where the “gist of the show was that with some spackling , a few strategically placed azaleas and access to a bank, you too could tap into the great real-estate wealth machine. It was enough to put even the most ardent believer in market efficiency into existential crisis”. See Huffpo article- Fed Economist to Greenspan ...
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Will 2011 Be The Peak Of The Foreclosure Crisis?

Real Estate analysts from RealtyTrac Inc. are predicting that 2011 will be the height of the Real Estate crisis with an expected 1.2 million homes being repossessed. Lenders are poised to take back more homes than at any other time since the crisis began in 2006. At this time there are 5 million borrowers who are at least 2 months behind on their house payments and in the month of December 257,747 homes in the United States received at least one foreclosure-related notice. While the pace slowed during the last quarter of 2010 due to the banks ...
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Good News On Retail Front For Holidays

Holiday sales over the 2010 season were up more than 4% from last year to approximately $525 billion, as per estimates from the National Retail Federation. And online sales had even more impressive gains with $36 billion in sales for this year alone, which is up 15.4% over last year. Yet even with the increase in spending over the holidays, in the past two years the savings rate of American’s has increased from a low of 1% to nearly 6%. So it all goes to prove that even though the economy may be global, it really is just personal, meaning ...
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Halt On Foreclosures Will Hold Up The Market Further

The nationwide halt on foreclosures by Bank of America, along with other banks that are considering the same thing will most likely slow up the real estate market even more. The problem lies in the many foreclosures that are currently and soon to be on the market. If there is any type of “mortgage fraud” it could feasibly cloud the titles of the homes thereby making a transfer of title in a sale much more difficult. But of course, there is title insurance. That ought to cover it right? Well, you must remember that even title insurance is still ...
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