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How To Not Go Into Debt For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving in the United States just passing us last week, it means that the gift giving holidays are quickly approaching us. They are all this month! With whatever holiday you celebrate, this is usually an expensive time of the year for anyone and everyone. I am a firm believer that you can have a great holiday season without going broke or busting your holiday budget. Here are my tips on how to not go into debt for the holidays: Avoid using your credit card when shopping if you don’t know how to use them correctly. If you do not know ...
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Financial Mistakes That May Lead To Credit Card Debt

Financial mistakes can be great learning tools, but they can also lead to debt such as credit card debt. Before you know it, you may be buried in credit card debt and feel completely out of control. Below are different financial mistakes that may lead to credit card debt. Not having a budget. Going without a budget is such a huge disaster. You should always have a budget. If you have any financial problems, then you need it. I don’t care what you say. A budget can help you see where you have spending problems, and what you need to work on. ...
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Being Prepared When Buying a New Car

Buying a car is a big deal. Whether you spend $2,000 or $20,000, a car is a big purchase. There are different things you might want to think about doing before you buy a car so that you are as prepared as possible. Doing some or all of the items below might save you some money and some time. How’s your credit score? If you know you have a car purchase coming up soon, then you might want to check out your credit score if you plan on financing your new vehicle. This is because your credit score might not be high enough to be approved for a car ...
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Four Myths and Facts About Credit Cards

According to NerdWallet, the average household in the United States has credit card debt of $15,607. That’s a lot of debt, and many people are way above that number. Some of this credit card debt is because people don’t fully understand how to use their credit card, and then everything just grows and goes crazy from there. It’s very easy to let credit card debt get out of hand and out of your reach. I believe that understanding credit cards and why debt can happen is very important and helpful in learning how to correctly use credit ...
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How Your Credit Score Affects Your Housing Search

So, you’re interested in buying a home? Besides having your financial documents and a down payment ready, you will need to make sure that your credit score is ready. Most people buy their homes with a mortgage. There aren’t many people who buy their homes with cash because that can be a difficult task for most people to accomplish. Coming up with a large some of cash such as for a house can feel near impossible for some. And that is where getting a mortgage comes in. A mortgage can help people reach their dreams. In order to get approved ...
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Need to Improve Your Credit? Start By Lowering Your Debt

Paying your creditors on time each month is an excellent way to improve your credit score. Timeliness makes up 35% of your credit score, and when you pay on time, this triggers positive activity on your credit report. But paying on time isn’t the only influencing factor. Some consumers don’t realize the damaging effect of owing a lot to their creditors. As a result, they max out their credit cards, take out several loans or keep their credit card balances near the limit. In addition to paying on time, you need to pay down your consumer debt. 1. ...
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What Happens If You Have To Break Your Rental Lease?

Moving into a new place can be a great thing and a fun experience. You sign a lease thinking that you will stay there for that length of time, or possibly even longer. Not many people think that they will have to break a lease, so you might not know much about it. I don’t think many people want to break a lease unless there’s nothing else that can be done. There are many different reasons for why you might need to break a lease: You don’t like your neighbors or your landlord. There can be many bad circumstances where your landlord ...
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Steps For Buying A New Home

Buying a new-to-you home can be a long process, but if you know the steps then it may make the process a little less stressful for you. Make a budget for yourself. Yes, the mortgage company will pre-approve you for a certain amount, but you should make a realistic budget about what you can ACTUALLY afford. The mortgage company usually pre-approves potential homeowners for more than they can actually afford, so keep this in mind. I remember when I first applied for a mortgage, I think I was making around $25,000 a year, yet I was approved for a $150,000 ...
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