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Why lower IDV is not the best option for your motor insurance?

What is IDV? IDV stands for that maximum sum which is insured, the amount of which is agreed upon by the insurance provider that will be then reimbursed to the policyholder in cases of loss being either partial or complete. These losses can be either in the cases of theft or accidents or etc. thus the IDV is basically the current market value of your automobile that is insured. The full form of IDV is Insured Dealer value and is a vital aspect when it comes to the determination of the comprehensive car insurance cover premium. Now the value ...
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How to Stay Calm and Motivated During a Debt Crisis

The one situation of your life which you would want to avoid is a debt crisis. You might have an excessive need of having to take that loan, but paying it off needs to be done in a way that will not make you lose yourself. Many tend to have these debts and it will occur in a phase of life where you will be left high and dry. You would have spent it all and are now looking at the task of paying it back so that you get back to your usual schedule. While doing so, it is important to keep your calm and stay composed. Because if you do not keep it together, ...
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Myths of Student Loans

Four Student Loan Myths All College Applicants Must Ignore

Some people believe that student loans are a piece of cake. Though student loans enable you to pay your college fees and let you have an uninterrupted higher education, they usually come with a price. What makes this process tougher are the widespread misconceptions about the procedure. Before applying for a loan, you must know what you are getting yourself into. In order to do that, you must distinguish between facts and myths. Listed below are four common student loan myths you must know about. The loan will affect your credit score The fact ...
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3 Simple Steps to Steer Clear of Financial Debts

Perhaps you spend like there is no tomorrow. And your online shopping binge has racked up a great deal of money at a frightening interest rate. Maybe you have so little money that you can barely keep your head above water. Don’t fret. There is a way out. To bail you out of the situation and give your financial health a good spanking, follow these steps. Assess the Extent of Financial Damage So, you had amassed a whopping amount of debt including credit card arrears. A lot of people do not what to do to improve their situation from that gaping ...
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4 Tips To Pay Down Your Student Loans

Oh student loans. So many of us have them, right? You might have them, or maybe someone close to you has student loans and that’s why you are reading this article. For me, I am all about paying down student loans as quickly as possible. They are probably your biggest or one of your biggest monthly payments each month, and the stress that comes from that can be very high. Here are my four tips to pay down your student loans as quickly as possible: 1. Lower your budget. If you want to pay down your student loans quickly, then you need to look ...
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How To Make Sure You Use Credit Cards Correctly So That You Don’t Go Into Credit Card Debt

The other day I published the article 6 Reasons You Should Look Into Getting Your First Credit Card. Even though I am all for credit cards, I know and understand that many people misuse them. Misusing credit cards can lead to debt, stress, money problems, and more. These are all things that people do not want. Below are my tips on how to make sure you use credit cards correctly so that you don’t go into credit card debt: Always review your transactions. I like to review my transactions on my credit cards around once per week. This way I don’t ...
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How To Not Go Into Debt For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving in the United States just passing us last week, it means that the gift giving holidays are quickly approaching us. They are all this month! With whatever holiday you celebrate, this is usually an expensive time of the year for anyone and everyone. I am a firm believer that you can have a great holiday season without going broke or busting your holiday budget. Here are my tips on how to not go into debt for the holidays: Avoid using your credit card when shopping if you don’t know how to use them correctly. If you do not know ...
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Financial Mistakes That May Lead To Credit Card Debt

Financial mistakes can be great learning tools, but they can also lead to debt such as credit card debt. Before you know it, you may be buried in credit card debt and feel completely out of control. Below are different financial mistakes that may lead to credit card debt. Not having a budget. Going without a budget is such a huge disaster. You should always have a budget. If you have any financial problems, then you need it. I don’t care what you say. A budget can help you see where you have spending problems, and what you need to work on. ...
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