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Ways To Build Your Credit Without Credit Cards

If you are looking to build your credit, then you may be looking into the many different options that you have. If you don’t want to apply for credit cards, then do not fear. There are other ways to build your credit without relying on credit cards. Building your credit is something that mostly everyone wants to be doing or they should be actively doing. Having a good credit score can mean that you can qualify for lower interest rates. Lower interest rates are great because you can save money over paying a higher interest rate. An interest ...
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Credit Score Components and Mythologies

So if you pay all of your bills on time, you’ll have a great credit score, right? Well, not exactly. However, you do need to pay all of your bills on time. But that will only account for 35% of your score. The other 65% is still up for grabs. If you are interested in credit repair, there are professionals out there who will work towards improving your credit so that you can get approved for loans, receive lower interest rates (and save thousands of dollars), and more. will help you create a game plan to improve your credit ...
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Building Credit with a Credit Card

I found a great infographic the other day that I wanted to share (no, I am not affiliated with the creator of this infographic in any way). Many people each and every single day try to build up their credit score by using credit cards responsibly. What are you waiting for? If you want to build up your credit score but you know that credit cards are not for you, there are other options out there. I will be covering this more soon. Other ways to build your credit include paying normal bills such as rent, utility bills, a mortgage, car loan, and more. ...
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Improve Your Credit Scores With Credit Repair Strategies

There are steps that you can take that can remarkably improve your credit and even if you have relatively good credit you can take some strategic steps in credit repair and increase your credit scores. When you have high credit scores you are able to qualify for credit and you are typically given the best terms and lowest interest rates also. Credit repair is a process of maximizing your credit strengths in order to get the highest credit scores. You can dispute inaccurate or erroneous information and get it removed from your credit report and there ...
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Repair Your Credit By Increasing Your Credit Scores

A credit score is a statistical analysis that is used to determine creditworthiness. It takes into consideration all of the information on a credit report including both positive and negative information and the amount of credit available compared to the amount of credit used and all open accounts. You can take steps to repair your credit and thereby increase your credit scores and improve your credit standings. The most commonly used and widely recognized credit scoring system in the United States is the FICO score, which was developed by the Fair ...
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How Credit Reports and Credit Scores Can Affect Your Finances

If you want to repair your credit the initial step is to always get a copy of all three of the main credit bureaus credit reports. You can get one report from each of the bureaus for free at least one time per year or you can also get a tri-merged report that combines them all for a fee. A credit report contains the complete history of how you have handled credit and your finances in the past. They are used by lenders as a measure to resolve if you are deemed creditworthy and meet the standards they have set in order to lend money. Credit reports ...
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Improve Your Finances And Increase Your Credit Score

The current economy has caused millions of people to struggle with bad credit. However, there are some valuable steps that you can take to improve your credit report, increase your credit scores and get back in a good financial place. If you look at your credit report you will see a history of how you have handled your finances in the past and how you are currently handling your finances. It shows how much you owe and how punctual you are in paying your debts. It also shows how much debt you have accrued compared to how much credit you have available. ...
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5 Reasons Why a Good Credit Score is Important

I often hear people say that they have never looked at their credit score and do not understand what the big deal is. Perhaps they are at a point in their life where they haven’t begun using credit cards, or haven’t considered buying a house. I’ve also heard people say that they figure they will never need credit cards or a loan. So why worry about your credit score? No one can predict the future. You never know when your circumstances may change and you may in fact need a good credit score. Here are 5 reasons why a good credit score is important, ...
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