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Understanding Credit Basics

Credit – The ability of a customer to purchase goods and avail services before payment, based on the trust that the payment will be made in future. How to improve your score? If you want to improve your credit score, follow the following tips. Subscribe to healthy repayment habit: (a) Pay your bills on time, don’t delay. (b) Clear the missed payments. (c) Get counseling and understand how to not let it fall Manage your debt. Keep the balances low, in fact very low. Pay off debt rather than delaying it. Don’t close unused cards. Don’t ...
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financial solutions for bad credit

Essential Financial Solutions for Bad Credit

Even though bad credit may seem stressful and costly, it is not eternal. However hopeless your financial situation may seem, there is always a way out. Most people underestimate the importance of clearing bad credit. Though it may seem unimportant at the moment, you will be tied up in knots when it comes to future investments. For example, if you have a large number of student loans pending, no bank will be confident to give you a business loan. So it is important to clear the credit history as quickly as possible. Paying off all the debts at ...
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4 Ways To Boost Your Credit Rating

Because of the way credit ratings are calculated, some actions you take will affect your credit rating better than other people. In general, paying your bills promptly and meeting your monetary responsibilities may boost your rating the most. Owing an acceptable amount of money or being able to repay it will show lenders that you simply take your finances seriously and pose little threat of lost cash. There are a few ideas that, a lot more than any other, will boost your credit rating the most: 1. Pay your bills promptly. One of the best methods ...
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Things That Don’t Hurt Your Credit Score

When it comes to credit scores, there are a lot of myths out there floating around. Credit scores can sometimes feel like one of those things you might never fully understand, but it really does not need to be that way. Below are several credit score myths that you may have heard. Side note: If you are looking to increase your credit score, you can start off by checking your free credit score through Credit Sesame. They provide free credit scores so that you can see what areas you should be working on. Yes, it is actually free! Credit Score Myth ...
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Children Can Become Victims Of Identity Theft Too

When I was younger, I had my identity stolen. I’m not sure what happened because I’ve always had my same social security card and I didn’t have much else because I wasn’t even a teenager when my information was first stolen. A child’s information could be used to apply for a credit card, a loan, a mortgage (yes, that has happened before!), and so on. Below are different things to think about when it comes to children and identity theft. How can identity thieves find a child’s information? There are many ways for ...
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Marriage And Your Credit Score

Getting married is a big decision. There are so many different things to think about before you get married: Will you have a big wedding? Or, will you get married at a court house? Do you know all financial-related information about your significant other? This can include how much debt they have, their credit score, and so on. Will you have children together? Where will you live? What are your views on retirement? And the list literally goes on forever! One thing that you may not have thought about is how marriage might affect your credit score. ...
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Mistakes That May Be On Your Credit Report

I check my credit report regularly, and I hope you do too. I haven’t found a mistake on my credit report in years, but when I first started checking it (back when I was just a teenager), I found a very significant mistake on my credit report that I knew needed to be fixed immediately. Below are different mistakes that may be on your credit report: 1. Errors. The most common mistake people usually find on their credit report is usually an easy error. This is usually just information that is reported to the credit bureaus incorrectly. This could ...
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How To Kill Your Credit Score

Interesting title, huh? I bet I got your attention with it! 🙂 There are a few things that you can do that will immediately kill your credit score, dips for 50 to 100 points or more depending upon where you started. While you probably would never want to do this on purpose, here are the top things that will kill your score. Maybe you want to read this list so that you can avoid the actions below. Maxing out your credit limits. Maxing out a credit card or any type of revolving credit will almost instantly crush your score. When your debt to available ...
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