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Understanding Your Tri-Merge Credit Report

To understand your Tri-Merge credit report it is essential to realize that the report is simply three separate reports put together. A Tri-Merge report is your Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union report put together. The reason they are laid out this way is for comparison. The following are a set of simple guidelines to follow for reading the report. Personal Information: Review your personal information section to verify that the information is correct on each. The section should contain information like name, date of birth, social security number, ...
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What exactly is an inquiry when it comes to my credit?

Credit scores and credit reports can be a difficult thing to deal with. One topic that we have not covered nearly enough on this blog are some of the more technical terms, with one of them being about inquiries. There are both hard inquiries and soft inquires (sometimes they are called hard pulls and soft pulls, respectively), which can open up a whole new confusing world when it comes to understanding your credit. Below we will go over what exactly an inquiry is and how it affects you and your credit report. What is a soft inquiry or a “soft ...
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Marriage And Your Credit Score

Getting married is a big decision. There are so many different things to think about before you get married: Will you have a big wedding? Or, will you get married at a court house? Do you know all financial-related information about your significant other? This can include how much debt they have, their credit score, and so on. Will you have children together? Where will you live? What are your views on retirement? And the list literally goes on forever! One thing that you may not have thought about is how marriage might affect your credit score. ...
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Mistakes That May Be On Your Credit Report

I check my credit report regularly, and I hope you do too. I haven’t found a mistake on my credit report in years, but when I first started checking it (back when I was just a teenager), I found a very significant mistake on my credit report that I knew needed to be fixed immediately. Below are different mistakes that may be on your credit report: 1. Errors. The most common mistake people usually find on their credit report is usually an easy error. This is usually just information that is reported to the credit bureaus incorrectly. This could ...
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing an Error on Your Credit Report

You work hard to be responsible with money.  You pay your bills on time; you try to pay off your credit card balance each month; you earn a decent living. Yet, how is it possible when you pull your credit report, that you have a credit score similar to someone who is overextended, makes late payments, and sometimes even misses payments? The answer may be simple–an error on your credit report. How an Error on Your Credit Report Can Affect You CBS News reports that the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups “discovered ...
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Broken PIggy Bank

Surprising Things That May End Up on a Credit Report

Keeping a credit report in healthy condition requires constant vigilance and monitoring. A person might be surprised as far as some of the items that end up on a credit report that aren’t generally associated with those documents. Everyone expects things like vehicle loan payments, mortgage information, and credit card details to show up on a credit report, but there are a lot of other things that could negatively impact a credit score. One of the reasons why certain items could end up on a credit report is because of the ease with which any ...
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Check Your Credit Report

Today is April 4, leaving just 11 days until tax day 2011. And while your financial mind may be on other things at this point, tax day can serve as another reminder that if you haven’t checked your credit report lately, you need to do it. If you haven’t checked your credit report yet for the year 2011, you have another reminder, another chance to do it now. You can do it later but you will be better off if you do it now. You need to do it. At least one time per year, more often if you have bad credit or if you are consciously trying ...
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Negative Credit Reporting Has A Specified Statute Of Limitations

Negative credit must be removed from your credit report within a specified time period due to provisions within the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the FCRA that was enacted into law back in 1970. This law came about in order to protect consumers from unfair credit reporting. The majority of credit reports contain some types of errors. If you happen to find some inaccuracies or mistakes showing on your report you can send in a dispute and attempt to get them removed. The credit bureaus must verify the accuracy of their information within a 30-day ...
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