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Credit Cards & Dependency Issues

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love to go around the mall, try new outfits, get your hands on the latest gadgets, but everything you like? With this spending addiction becoming so common amongst the youngsters, everybody is seen swiping their credit cards. Swipe and pay! You don’t have money? It is okay, the credit card will manage the situation. Take the new shoes home, you can pay the money later when your back account shows some figures. It is good thing but, isn’t it? NO. Because every time you swipe your credit card (and you not have adequate ...
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Understanding Credit Basics

Credit – The ability of a customer to purchase goods and avail services before payment, based on the trust that the payment will be made in future. How to improve your score? If you want to improve your credit score, follow the following tips. Subscribe to healthy repayment habit: (a) Pay your bills on time, don’t delay. (b) Clear the missed payments. (c) Get counseling and understand how to not let it fall Manage your debt. Keep the balances low, in fact very low. Pay off debt rather than delaying it. Don’t close unused cards. Don’t ...
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How Europe is Responding to the Weakness of the European Monetary Union

If you turned on the television or opened a newspaper today, you would find little discussion of the problems facing the Eurozone. Although the repeated financial crises that have afflicted Europe over the last few years have made their splash in the mainstream media, most news outlets are now consumed with reporting the greater tragedy of the refugee crisis and the on-going struggles to get on top of Greek debt. Don’t allow this to make you complacent. For those whose fortunes and livelihoods depend on the performance of the Euro, it’s time ...
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You Can Receive A Personal Line Of Credit From Reputable Online Lenders

The options for people with less–than-perfect credit are often limited. Establishing a healthy relationship with a lending company can be difficult, if you don’t know where to find a trustworthy lender. Armed with a bit of knowledge, however, even those with a bad credit score can secure a small dollar loan for their needs. A credit score is one of the things that lenders like banks use to determine if they will provide a loan and how much money to offer. Credit scores are composed of a number of factors, but mainly include whether you have ...
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Employment And Credit Checks

If you are applying for a job and the employer requests a credit check, they can’t do it without your permission, however, if you don’t give your permission that could be the deal breaker right there. And, if you have been out of a job for a long amount of time and consequently your finances have suffered and your credit report shows negative information that could also be the deal breaker. At this point in most states across the United States there is no real way out of this “Catch-22” dilemma. The good news is that there are a few lawmakers ...
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Credit Cards No Longer A “Rainy Day” Option

In between now and February 20, 2010 when the new credit card regulations take effect, the credit card companies are making changes that could end up costing you much more on the balances and credit terms that you now have. Some credit card companies are arbitrarily changing the minimum payment from 2% to 5%. This does not seem like a huge difference but it really adds up if you have a high balance. Also many people are seeing their credit limits decrease and even having their interest rates increase. After February 20, 2010 the credit card companies ...
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Credit Card Company Tactics

The credit card companies have a mission, to make money, no matter what. Even though now Congress has passed both the Dodd-Frank financial “reform” law and the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure or CARD act of 2009, credit card companies are still up to their usual tricks and tactics in order to get more money from consumers. In a recent article at “Future of Capitalism” the author gives an example of two pieces of solicitation mail from the credit card companies that he received recently. The first offered a complimentary ...
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Consumers Cutting Back On Credit Cards

According to a new study from the credit bureau, TransUnion, there are as many as eight million credit card accounts that are deemed “incactive” today. The inactive accounts are believed to have contributed to the 24.6% decrease in U.S. Credit card delinquency rates. The majority of the inactive cards were in the “high risk” category but consumers in every category have been cutting back and using credit cards less. Cash and debit card use has increased while the use of credit cards has declined contributing to softer profits for the credit ...
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